For many people Airsoft is an interesting hobby. For many, this is a remarkable sport with plenty of action-discharging opportunities.

For us, Airsoft is a way to simulate a real combat operation. Thanks to Airsoft guns, there’s no need to look for a new opponent for every action. Otherwise, the concept of one’s own action does not differ from the reality of the low-intensity war conflict (of course, there is no artillery and air support 🙂

Someone just need to have an Airsoft gun and a snack to attend.
Our soldier must have an approved weapon, the necessary original equipment, training.

While someone is going to shoot as many opponents as possible and turn out to be an “action hero”, our soldier performs tasks within the unit. If a mission requires one extra shot, he will do it. As for a secret mission without fire, he won’t fire.

For some groups of Airsoft shooters, the highlight of the event is to arrive nicely to their destination by car, shoot there several times over a pile of sand and then celebrate together a victory / defeat in a local pub in the evening.
We carry our whole gear with us. The train or car transport ends (depending on the character of the event) differently from the boundaries of the combat area. Followed by a tactical move to positions, the whole unit is “in action”.

We don’t wait for someone to call “play!” – others play!
We fight and kill the bastards.