We are an interest organization, a military history club dealing with the history and present of the United States armed forces and other elite units around the world. We specialize in the United States Marine Corps reconnaissance units during the 2001-2005 terror war.
Our group is organized as far as possible according to the applicable USM.C. Used functions, specializations and ranking procedures are based on them. Doing so, we place the greatest emphasis on the voluntary nature of the entire organization, and “willing to” conform to our traditions and customs as well as the discipline and responsibility of them.

We offer training and refinement in the following areas:

  • Ground navigation and map reading because we are a reconnaissance unit and each individual must be able to navigate day and night.
  • Rules and Principles of Infantry Combat (Team and Team Shooting Technique, Formation Movement, Hidden Movement in the Field, Camouflage Techniques, CQB, Radiostation Use, Radiocommunication Regulations)
  • Pyrotechnic training.
  • Rifle qualifications with real weapons (.22LR, 9mm, .45 guns) (5.56mm, .22lr, 7.62mm, shotgun…).
  • Basics of self-defense and health science with CPCR training.
  • Climbing and abseiling training.
  • Water operations with motor boats.
  • Using more than 25 years of experience from AS and military scene not only in the Czech Republic.
  • Operations throughout the Czech Republic, cooperation with important Milsim and military units not only from the Czech Republic.


We take heed to keep the “Esprit de corps” at each and everyone of us and we are proud of our unit, our friends and the Marines as a whole.
There is a relationship between our members, given not only by ranks and precedence, but by a highly friendly and honest relationship. We do not suffer from welfare, bullying or hassling. Regardless of a rank, everyone works, everyone is entertained.

Everyone is Marine in the Marine Corps.

We are a founding member of theMarine Corps Warfare League
We are an active member of USMC & USN Re-enactors Asociation